The staff at Quest consist of a diverse group of students, faculty, volunteers from the community, and professionals who come from throughout the United States. Most of our staff began their involvement with Quest through participation in a local course or an extended trip. Staff members bring a great variety of skills to Quest, ranging from experts in many of the hard skills, such as rock climbing, kayaking, etc. to interpersonal skills and facilitators of groups. Quest provides a comprehensive apprentice program to pass on the valuable skills of every instructor.

Brianne Oehmke – Director

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NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, Wilderness Guide, Rock Climbing Lead Guide, Wilderness First Responder, CPR, Utah River Guide

Brianne’s passion for the outdoor began here at Quest in 2005 as a freshman in the program.  She was introduced to a variety of outdoor recreational activities including white water rafting, climbing, backpacking and caving.  Brianne focused on climbing and caving during her college years.  She led a multi-day caving trip to West Virginia and an extended climbing trip to North Carolina.  She did trail maintenance with North West Youth Corps and was an extended trip leader with Camp Thunderbird.  Since graduating she has continued to broaden her outdoor skills and knowledge.  She worked at Alta Ski Area, in Moab as a river guide, Outward Bound, and at Second Nature.  Brianne has come full circle and returned to Quest as the Staff Development Coordinator working directly with the students at Bloomsburg University.

Brianne enjoys taking advantage of the outdoors as much as possible.  She summited a multitude of mountains including the Catskills, Adirondacks, Mt Hood, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Whitney.  She rowed the Grand Canyon in Fall of 2014 and continues to push the limits.

Tyler Heidlauf – Office Assistant


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Tyler’s passion for the outdoors started at a young age through camping, hiking, kayaking and sports, but it began to develop even more during his time at Bloomsburg University as an undergrad. From his commitment to a BU organization and through a very close friend he started spending even more time in the wilderness. Now as a staff member in the BU Quest office, Tyler is looking forward to using his skills and passion for the outdoors to a whole new level.

Graduating in 2015 from Bloomsburg University, he received a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Digital Arts. After graduation Tyler spent his time focused on developing his skill level in photography, tried out for a semi pro soccer team and became a high school/middle school and club soccer coach. In 2016, Tyler was invited to play semi-pro soccer for the City Islanders until he had a career ending injury that impeded his ability to play competitive soccer. Tyler has continued kayaking, camping and hiking and is now volunteering his time for youth sports programs in the Bloomsburg area.

Brett Simpson – Director Emeritus

Executive Director

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Brett has been working in the field of Experiential Education for over 15 years.

Brett has led expeditions in Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Ecuador taking in their breathtaking beauty, rich culture and diverse outdoor activities. Brett has traveled, climbed, paddled, and backpacked extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

Brett works with the wide range of clients that Quest hosts each year and is the primary program designer.  With his diverse background he is able to relate to a large spectrum of people.  While not running international programs you could find Brett working with a group of disabled participants and then the next day working with a corporation’s senior management team.   Some of the clients Brett has worked with include schools, universities and colleges throughout the state, Make A Difference, Pennsylvania Conservation Corps (PCC), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Leadership Wilkes-Barre, ING, ING, Geisinger Medical Center, Prudential Retirement and PP&L.

In addition to his job with Quest and the Corporate Institute, Brett works as a photographer and  for the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) teaching wilderness medicine courses.

Brett has an undergraduate degree in outdoor recreation and leadership studies and a Master’s degree in education. Brett believes strongly in the extraordinary educational value of experiential education to impel individuals into experiences where they learn about themselves. Brett most recently returned from another season of the five year trip known as “3 Peaks of the Cascades”.   Each year, climbers join Brett in the attempt to climb the glaciated Cascade Peaks from Mt. Shasta in California to Mt. Baker in Washington.  Different climbers join each year, along with a few hearty multi-year repeaters.

Roy Smith – Director Emeritus

Director Emeritus
Director Emeritus

His interest in developing more effective teams and individual performance stem from his unique perspective of leading major expeditions on five continents and as a guide and corporation president.

He was instrumental in introducing Outward Bound into higher education in the late 1960’s and in developing corporate teambuilding training. For the past twenty-five years he has been involved in developing leadership training programs for the public and private sector. Currently, he is Director Emeritus of the Bloomsburg University Quest Program–modeled on Outward Bound–and the Corporate Institute, which offers professional development training for corporations in the areas of team building, communications, conflict-resolution and creative leadership.

His BA degree, from Prescott College Arizona, is in education. His graduate degree is in the field of management (School of Organization and Management) from Yale University. For more information on some of Roy’s amazing acomplishments, visit his website at

And most importantly, the rest of the crew…

Quest has an amazing group of instructors and facilitators who work for them as well. Our trips would not be possible without their skills, dedication, and passion for the outdoors.

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