Come explore one of Pennsylvania’s unique geological settings. Upon descending underground, you will discover beautiful formations, unique environmental issues, and explore the different passages whether crawling through tight spaces or standing in 30ft ballrooms.  We will also be teaching about caving ethics and the current information on White Nose Syndrome that is devastating the bat population.

When: November 12th 9-5pm


  • $25 for Bloomsburg University Students
  • $50 for all others

Where will we meet?
Quest Office on upper campus at 8:45am

We suggest you bring the following items to make your trip comfortable and fun:


  • Helmet (designed for rock climbing or caving)
  • 3 light sources (one of these has to be battery powered and one source can be an extra set of batteries.)
  • 1-2 quart sized water bottles
  • Several Large Garbage bags to put dirty clothes in
  • Camera – if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Personal Medical supplies (medications you’ll need.  Quest will have a course first aid kit and medical training)

Clothing (inside the cave should be around 50 degrees F all year!)

  • A set of clothes that you can get muddy.  You will get muddy!  Overalls work very well.
  • A set of clothes to drive home in.  You will not be able to wear your caving clothes in the van after the course.
  • Gloves to keep your oils off of the cave formations
  • Hiking boots (sneakers can be worn but you should try to have boots)


  • Breakfast for the car ride
  • Lunch (can be left outside the cave)
  • Snacks (incase you get hungry between breakfast and lunch)
  • remember your 1-2 quart sized water bottles

 How to sign-up: Ideally, you should register early, weeks in advance, if possible.  In order for us to get prepared to get gear and equipment packed and ready, registration typically closes on the Wednesday before a activities occurring on a weekend, and a few days before activities occurring on a weekday, but if spots are still available there is a possibility that you may still be able to register.  Our office is not open on weekends or evenings.  Always call first to see if there is available space before coming to the office or sending in payment.  Spots cannot be reserved by calling or emailing.  Registration is not complete until payment is received.

Methods of payment: 1) cash in person   2) check payable to “Bloomsburg University” in person or via U.S. mail (with a note listing your name, email address and phone number and the date and activity your registering for).

If you need additional help or have any questions, call Susan at the Quest Office or email at

Forms We Need From You

*  A completed Quest AOR/Medical Form prior to participation in Quest activities.  You can either print out the waiver and bring the completed form on the morning of the program or you will have to fill one out when you arrive.

*  Signed Parental Consent for participants who are minors (under 18 years of age).

Course Information: (read everything below to make sure that you are prepared for this trip)

Quest courses are designed for beginners, so you will not be expected to demonstrate high levels of ability, but they provide a physical, psychological, and emotional challenge.  Courses occur in areas that often involve steep terrain, rough and narrow trails, wet or muddy conditions, and inclement weather. Most Quest activities are movement-oriented activities involving some strenuous activity. Quest staff will provide you with a safety briefing to prepare you for the activities and any safety issues you might encounter or skills you need.

Quest will provide helmets and gloves upon request.  You may bring your own equipment and use it with the approval of Quest staff.


Quest instructors are professional outdoor leaders, students, interns, and members of the community.  They are trained in specific outdoor pursuits, leadership, and first aid.  All are involved in on-going outdoor leadership training with Quest.


For safety reasons, participants are required to abstain from alcohol and non-prescription drugs while participating in Quest Activities.  Please respect the rights and health of others with regard to smoking.  Participants will be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment belonging to Quest.


Safety is a primary concern during any Quest course.  A safety briefing precedes each activity, where risks and protection against these risks are explained.  Participants are expected to abide by all safety rules and procedures defined by Quest staff.

 See our Homepage for the Refund Policy