Ages 14-17 – Leader In Training

Updated: 3/1/2021 Stay Tuned For 2022 – Due to COVID we will not be running 2021 camps.

Leader In Training Program (LIT) 14-17 yr old

  • When: June 6th – June 7th and one week in the summer
  • Where: Quest Office, High Ropes, Susquehanna River
  • Cost: $100

We are pleased to offer our Leader in Training Program (LIT). This will focus on leadership development, a critical skill for teens to be exposed to. Our main avenue for this will be their involvement in a leadership capacity in our programs with younger kids. They would always be overseen by our camp staff. They will serve in assistant roles in our camp staff.  Our goal is to focus on a small number of students in the 14-17 year old age group and offer a Leader in Training program.

This program will be an application based process and will be open to a limited number of people.

We will offer a weekend training session on June 6th and 7th, 2019. This program will begin at 9am on Saturday and will end at 5pm on Sunday. The group will camp out overnight during this program.

This weekend long training will be focused on leadership development in teenagers.   The ultimate goal is  the opportunity to continue their leadership training to the next level by having the ability to assist in an actual adventure camp week, as an unpaid (volunteer).  This is a great experience that may be beneficial to them when seeking future employment opportunities.

At the conclusion of the weekend training, not everyone is guaranteed a week at a camp session. They must show they are mature and responsible enough for the program. They will receive feedback during the weekend to better prepare them.

We will have 1-2 spots, each week of adventure camp, for our LIT participants to assist camp staff on a first come first serve basis.  You may request a first and second choice of which week they would like to assist with the camps.

Quest has 10 leadership principles that we strive to focus on in all of our programs.

As a leadership development program these are the principles that define what we think is effective leadership. All of our programming is meant to educate on and reinforce these principles. Everyone will have strengths and weaknesses within this list. The goal of the Quest leadership model is to fine tune and expand the strengths and improve the challenge areas specific to each person.

1. Be Passionate
2. Have a Servant Mentality
3. Have a Big Picture Mentality
4. Strive for Sound Judgment and Decision Making
5. Be willing to question and be questioned
6. Inspire Others to Act
7. Have Solid Skills and Be Able to Teach Those Skills
8. Act as a Facilitator of Knowledge
9. Be a Mentor to Others
10. Be a Model of Excellence

If you are interested in this, please complete the application (link below).  The LIT Registration form should be completed by the student. Parents are welcome to assist but it is important that the selected student really wants to attend this program.

The following three links are  for the   Leader-in- Training Program for 14-17 yr. olds.  Please  print and return the following  three forms with payment:

LIT Registration Form 2020Quest-LIT-2020-Application

Quest AOR waiver: Waiver

Permission:   Camp permission pick up

Payment by mail:    Check or money order should be made payable to “BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY”.   Envelopes should be addressed:    Bloomsburg University, ATTN: Quest Office Bloomsburg PA  17815

Payment in person:  between the hours of 9-4 pm, Monday through Friday Cash, check or money order payable to “Bloomsburg University”.  Your time is valuable and we wouldn’t want you to miss us if we have to leave the office to run an errand on campus.  Please bring a blank envelope along for your registration forms and payment.  Your envelope (marked “Quest”)  can be left in the big, black mailbox next to the sliding glass doors on the porch of the Quest Office.  The mailbox is always checked upon our return.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to confirm your registration has been received.