Outdoor Adventure Programs

Quest runs outdoor programs that are open to both students and community members alike.

Our adventure programs include kayaking, rafting, multi-day backpacking, rock climbing, day hikes, caving, cross country skiing, and much more.

Customized Programs

Customized Programs are for any group off campus or on campus looking for team development, high adventure, or adventure.  We work with but not limited to corporate groups, community groups, leadership groups, camps, and schools.  Please contact us for more information.

Extended Programs

Extended Programs  travel both within the United States and internationally to climb, bike, trek and paddle.

Women’s Empowerment Retreat Program

This course only offered in the Spring Semester.  The Women’s Empowerment Retreat Program is a program designed for women who are looking for a release from life’s stresses. This experience offers a comforting and safe environment for women to experience the outdoors, with no prior experience needed. Our goal is to teach women how to create a well-balanced lifestyle specific to them, as well as improving their self-esteem, all while being in nature.

Facilitator Training

Interested in learning how to run small group team developments?  Interested in working for Quest?  This twenty hour training course will leave you feeling confident to run your own two hour group.  Our next Facilitator Training is March 20th to March 22nd 2020. 

First-Year Leadership Experience

This course only offered in the Fall Semester.  The First-Year Leadership Experience is a unique community-building and enrichment program for first-year BU students led by experienced peers.

Journey Program

This course only offered in the Fall Semester.  A program to excel individuals that know they want to be an instructor, moving them through self discovery of their strengths and weaknesses. Building hard skills as well as all the soft skills and lessons that can be used throughout the entirety of their life.