About Quest

What is Quest?

Quest is an outdoor adventure and leadership program at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania serving students and the general public. Quest offers exciting, outdoor and educational courses, mostly at the beginner and intermediate level, in Pennsylvania, the United States, Africa, South and Central America and Europe. People of all ages and backgrounds participate. Many courses are in response to organizations who ask us to design special outdoor experiences for them.

Quest Vision Statement

  • To teach outdoor skills as a means to promote lifelong fitness, personal challenge, and recreation.
  • To empower individuals to move beyond self imposed limitations.
  • To teach self-reliance, an independent spirit, an unquenchable curiosity, and above all, compassion for all others and all living things.
  • To develop team building, leadership, and effective interaction skills.

Quest Leadership Principles*

As a leadership development program these are the principles that define what we think is effective leadership.  All of our programming is meant to educate on and reinforce these principles. Everyone will have strengths and weaknesses within this list.  The goal of the Quest leadership model is to fine tune and expand the strengths and improve the challenge areas specific to each person.

1. Be Passionate
2. Have a Servant Mentality
3. Have a Big Picture Mentality
4. Strive for Sound Judgment and Decision Making
5. Be willing to question and be questioned
6. Inspire Others to Act
7. Have Solid Skills and Be Able to Teach Those Skills
8. Act as a Facilitator of Knowledge
9. Be a Mentor to Others
10. Be a Model of Excellence

Updated 11/7/2010

*Based on ideas and principles from Outward Bound, Quest Staff  and Kouzes & Posner (2007)

Who can participate in Quest’s trips and courses?

Quest courses are offered to students at Bloomsburg University and the general public. Participants range in age from 14 to 70 and come from as far afield as Colorado and Florida. Most Quest courses are conducted within a 50 mile range of Bloomsburg, others range to other states and continents.

Can specialized courses be requested or contracted?

Many Quest courses are designed for groups and organizations who ask us to schedule courses to meet the special needs of their members. Activities range from teambuilding for community groups and high school faculties to rock climbing and caving for schools and scout groups.


Our office is located on the upper campus of Bloomsburg University of Pennyslvania.

Quest Map

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