Faculty Stay and Play

Faculty join Outdoor Adventure Orientation (OAO) and meet the incoming first-year students. Support new incoming students step out of their comfort zone while stepping outside of your comfort zone and create lasting bonds.

“I can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a lifetime of conversation.” 


What is Faculty Stay and Play?

You will join 10 OAO participants along with two upperclassmen mentors in team development activities. Specific activities will be based on OAO leaders. Throughout the two hour time frame you will progress with the OAO participants from get to know you activities to more challenging activities as the team gains trust with each other.

When is Faculty Stay and Play?

OAO has four different options for you to get involved! They will be on the first evening of each Pre-Orientation session. Each session will be two hours. Can you participate in more than one? Absolutely. The dates are the following:

  • June 23rd 2020
  • July 9th 2020
  • July 19th 2020
  • August 2nd 2020

How do I get involved as a Faculty member?

Fill out the registration link below! You will receive a confirmation email that you have registered. Two weeks prior to the date you will receive more details from the OAO trip leaders or the Director.