Brett Simpson

Director Emeritus

Executive Director

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Brett has been working in the field of Experiential Education for over 15 years.

Brett has led expeditions in Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Ecuador taking in their breathtaking beauty, rich culture and diverse outdoor activities. Brett has traveled, climbed, paddled, and backpacked extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

Brett works with the wide range of clients that Quest hosts each year and is the primary program designer.  With his diverse background he is able to relate to a large spectrum of people.  While not running international programs you could find Brett working with a group of disabled participants and then the next day working with a corporation’s senior management team.   Some of the clients Brett has worked with include schools, universities and colleges throughout the state, Make A Difference, Pennsylvania Conservation Corps (PCC), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Leadership Wilkes-Barre, ING, ING, Geisinger Medical Center, Prudential Retirement and PP&L.

In addition to his job with Quest and the Corporate Institute, Brett works as a photographer and  for the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) teaching wilderness medicine courses.

Brett has an undergraduate degree in outdoor recreation and leadership studies and a Master’s degree in education. Brett believes strongly in the extraordinary educational value of experiential education to impel individuals into experiences where they learn about themselves. Brett most recently returned from another season of the five year trip known as “3 Peaks of the Cascades”.   Each year, climbers join Brett in the attempt to climb the glaciated Cascade Peaks from Mt. Shasta in California to Mt. Baker in Washington.  Different climbers join each year, along with a few hearty multi-year repeaters.