Gym to crag series 3

Leading & How to Fall

Time: 5:15-7:30

Location: Rec Center

Gym to Crag Description

Our Gym to Crag course is for climbers who have climbed before and possess basic skills obtained from a climbing gym or outdoor climbing. In this course you will reinforce your basic climbing skills and bridge the gaps to outdoor rock climbing. The Gym to Crag course will help you develop the techniques needed to climb outdoors and guide you in the direction of outdoor climbing.  It is designed to provide our students with a foundational understanding of anchors, cleaning, rappelling, sport climbing, and crag specific considerations.  Students will adapt their climbing gym movement skill to the outdoor realm.  

This series must be done in order.  You must attend Gym to Crag #1 in order to attend Gym to Crag #2.  This series is only for BU Students.   

Gym to Crag Series 3

Taking controlled falls in low-consequence spots and on solid gear is a good way to improve your confidence and skill. It’s very common for sport climbers to take repeated leader falls while figuring out the moves on a challenging route. Being comfortable with taking a fall means that you trust the gear and your belayer, which will allow you to climb harder. 

Falling in a controlled situation is also great practice for a lead belayer. It allows the belayer to work on managing the slack in the rope and catching falls.