Team Development


Team development training is designed to develop stronger more effective teams capable of dealing with challenging situations and difficult decision making. Team development exercises range in complexity and difficulty and are designed to probe a team’s potential and roadblocks for working together. Exercises are selected based on each group’s specific learning needs. Team development helps to create stronger more supportive groups capable of dealing with challenging or changing work and life experiences. Team development training makes participants more aware of their strengths and how they can be optimally effective and contribute to team performance.

The team development course is a challenging group experience where success is dependent on the total participation of all team members. They may pass through a “giant spider’s web”, swing over a “pit of lava”, or cross an “alligator infested swamp” using only two planks.

Observing a group tackling these training exercises provides an opportunity to look at how a team solves other problems, i.e., how they plan, communicate with each other, work together, include or exclude people in the process, style of leadership and how they deal with conflict. After completing and exercise the group’s experience is processed, allowing the participants the opportunity to reflect on how they accomplished the task and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as a team. This learning is then incorporated in the next task. Using this invaluable “hands on” training process a group can quickly improve its team effectiveness.

Our team development programs are available to any group. They can be customized to meet the needs and size of any team.

High Ropes


High above the ground, the high ropes course, a series of ropes and cables strung through the trees, presents a series of challenging, physical and mental tasks. The high ropes course activity makes a high level odyssey through the treetops. On the Bloomsburg University Campus, Quest offers many high ropes course options for participants to include both individual challenges and challenges that need partners up in the air.

Climbing Wall


Located on Bloomsburg University’s upper campus the Quest program operates a 50 foot climbing wall that allows participants to explore the unfamiliar vertical world. The wall is attractive to a wide rage of participant interest from the “first timer” who wants to experience the novelty of using hands and feet to ascend a vertical face, to the group who want to develop a higher level of trust and teamwork among the participants. The wall offers a variety of climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty for all levels of skill and physical fitness.

Other Programs

Quest can also provide other adventure based activities for your group such as hiking, camping, rock climbing locally on natural rock, kayaking or whitewater rafting on local rivers, as well as, other custom ideas to meet your needs. Overnight groups can be accommodated at our on-campus campground, university housing or other off-site facilities.

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