Meet the Staff 2018

Kyle Argenziano

Kyle is a Junior and Environmental Geoscience major. Some activities he enjoys are rock climbing, fly fishing, hiking, and playing guitar. Kyle loves the outdoors, because they make him happy and help him to clear negative thoughts from his head. Kyle also has a fondness for animals and trees!

Chris Davis


Chris is a Senior with a Geography & Planning major. Chris transferred to Bloomsburg University and loves camping, hiking backpacking, skiing, and fishing. He enjoys the outdoors for the fresh air and fun activities it makes available. Fun fact about Chris, his favorite sports team is the Boston Red Sox!

Sarah Davis

Sarah is a Sophomore majoring in Nursing. Sarah has two dogs and a younger sister. She loves the outdoors because it offers her so many places to explore and beautiful sites to see! She also loves fresh air and tries to avoid being tied to her phone. Sarah has never left the country, but hopes to change that as soon as possible!

Brianna Felty 

Brianna, who usually goes by Bri or B, is a Senior and Exercise Science Major. Brianna loves sports, animals, kids, sushi, and macaroni and cheese! Brianna’s love of the outdoors stems from all of the fun-filled possibilities the outdoors provide! Also, Brianna can juggle!

Aaron Llanso

Aaron is a Junior and majors in Criminal Justice. Some activities he enjoys are kayaking, hiking, tree climbing, and swimming! Aaron appreciates the tranquility of nature. A fun fact about Aaron is that he has a scar on his forehead that looks like a lightning bolt!

Nicholas McCormack

Nick is a Junior and is majoring in Sociology and Business Management. Nick enjoys all outdoor activities, but his favorites are rock climbing and white water.  He loves the outdoors for all of the fun and adventure it allows him to have! A fun fact about Nick is that he has visited ten foreign countries!

Nicholas Paesano 

Nicholas Paesano is a second year Senior.  He is a Marketing major with a specialization in Professional Sales Mass Communication Public Relations.  Nicholas got his start in Quest last summer at Summer Camps and has loved all aspects of the organization since!  He loves the outdoors, because it is an escape from reality and trees are a huge symbol within his life.

Olivia Pagano

Olivia is a Sophomore who is majoring in Exercise Science. She likes rice A LOT, and is the captain of the Bloomsburg University women’s club volleyball team! Olivia enjoys any outdoor that includes water and she sees the outdoors as a place for her to escape and relax. Fun fact about Olivia, her high school graduating class only had 15 people in it!