Freshmen Leadership Experience

Freshman Leadership Experience

The Freshman Leadership Experience is an accelerated program to becoming a Quest staff member, so students involved in the FLE program should be interested in leadership development.

If you think you are interested in the FLE program, please fill out the application and return it to the Quest Office on Upper Campus by September 10th 2018.  Not much of a writer? Come into our office and schedule to meet with a member of our staff.  Please email for the application.  Only 10 spots available for this program.

Freshman Leadership Experience Fall 2018 Calendar

Day 1                Saturday         9/15            9 am -3 pm

Day 2                Wednesday    9/19           4 pm – 7 pm

Day 3                Saturday         9/22             9 am -5pm

Day 4                Tuesday          9/25             4 pm – 7 pm

Day 5                Tuesday          10/2              9 pm -12 am

Day 6                Monday            10/8             9 am – 5pm

Day 7                Thursday        10/11            6pm – 9pm

Weekend        Friday Evening – Sunday Afternoon 10/19

Price:  $75     – due at the time you apply.  Your money will be refunded if not chosen for the program.