Health and Dietary ACCOMMODATIONS

Before you arrive for your Outdoor Adventure Orientation Session, you will have filled out forms that require a medical history and dietary restrictions so our program leaders can provide the best practices for your health and safety. Your medical disclosure information is confidential and only shared with the Director and your specific trip leaders. 

Our professional and student leaders are trained in Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder Certifications.  They are trained to manage many health-related issues in the backcountry.

Dietary Accommodations

The waiver and medical disclosure form will contain questions about your food restrictions. All food is provided starting the afternoon of the first day of the experience. That day we will provide dinner. The remaining days we will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Medical Accommodations

If for some reason you have a health-related concern that requires you to be placed on a specific trip or if you need special accommodations, please reach out to the Director. Again, on the medical disclosure form please indicate the seriousness of your health issue so we can accommodate to the best of our ability. We can discuss options and decide what would be the best fit for you.

If you have had surgery or an injury in the past year, it is required to have a letter of clearance from your physician.